Dejanac Promet

The gas station, pellet production, truck transportation, coffee bar, and exploitation of forest.

About us

Company “Dejanac Promet” was established in 1997, as a family company that currently employs over 60 workers. “Dejanac promet” includes a gas station, sawmill, truck transportation, coffee bar, and exploitation of the forest.

Our history

The beginning of the company dejanac promet

Back in ’97, the first generation of the Dejanac family started something that will continue for the next two generations.

Company development

We are introducing new services and working on the development of mechanization.

Start of BP Dejanac Promet

The petrol station starts working, where today you can find all types of fuel, oil, and lubes as well as a parking space for trucks and passenger vehicles.

Pellets pellet production factory

Opening factory of a pellet production


Today, Dejanac Promet D.O.O. remains a family business with the same values that it had at the very beginning. We operate in several countries, with a team of over 60 employees.

Our services
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