Types of pellets

Pellets can be made from a variety of biomass, but the most commonly used materials are wood, grass, straw, paper, and cardboard.

Proizvodnja peleta

“Dejanac promet” specializes in the production of beech wood pellets, or a mixture of beech and pine.

Pellets are produced from wood without bark and thus avoid problems during combustion with the formation of slag in boilers and burners. As opposed to traditional energy sources, pellets are renewable energy sources.

Our company has always emphasized preserving the environment and accordingly strives to operate according to the principles of the “green” economy.

That is why the production of our pellets takes place following world trends. At the customer’s request, “Dejanac promet” can also provide pellets from other types of biomass.

We are ready to meet all potential customer requirements and to achieve quality and long-term cooperation to mutual satisfaction. For more information and any additional questions, you can contact us.

Quality: Due to the method of production, different raw materials, and pressing, there are differences in the quality of wood pellets.

Good quality: shiny, smooth, equal length, without dust.

Poorer quality: longitudinal and transverse cracks, a lot of dust in the package, different lengths.

Our pellets are made of beech wood and packed in transparent bags of 15 kg.

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