Why use pellets?

The advantage of this fuel is that it can be used in an automated way, similar to liquid and gaseous fuels.

dejanac eksploatacija suma

Boilers and burners for burning wood pellets are equipped with automation, which guides the combustion process at a given temperature of the heated space. The role of the user is to fill the tank with pellets every few days and to expel the ash from the burner and the boiler. The amount of ash in the pellet ranges from 0.5%-1.5%. That means, for one ton of burned pellets, a maximum of 15 kg of ash remains. The big difference is in comfort compared to using coal or wood is obvious. The utilization of thermal energy in pellets is over 90%, while coal and wood are at the most 70%. Compared to the use of liquid fuel-diesel or liquefied petroleum gas-LPG, the decisive advantage of wood pellets is more than twice the price. For comparison, 1 kg of pellets produces the same amount of heat as:

Ease of use by automatic operation of the device puts the pellet in a similar position as the use of heating oil and gas. Furnaces automatically turn on and off, achieve and maintain the temperature set for them, and have automatic dosing. This gives them a great advantage overheating with wood or coal. Pellet production in Europe began in the 1980s, first in Sweden, due to the high price of oil and the reduction of environmental pollution caused by the use of coal and other fossil fuels. Production started in 2006. in our country. Pellet is a renewable fuel from biomass that is used to obtain thermal energy. The energy value of pellets is about 18 MJ/kg of pellets (5 kWh/kg).

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