History of pellets

The pellets originate from Canada, and the production of pellets in Europe started in the 80s, first in Sweden due to the high price of oil and the need to reduce air and environmental pollution caused by the large use of coal and other fossil fuels.

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Consumption and the pellet market in Europe have been constantly evolving since then so that in 2006 there were 200 production factories, and production exceeded 4.5 million tons.

The world’s largest producers of pellets are Sweden, the US, Canada, and Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina lead the Balkans. The Serbian pellet market has been developing since 2006, and more intensive production and use of pellets began in 2008.

Today, several pellet factories operate in Serbia, and more than 90% of production is exported primarily due to insufficient information of domestic consumers as well as due to the incomplete offer of stoves and boilers on the domestic market.

The prospect of pellet production in Bosnia and Herzegovina is good both due to the constant growth of prices of petroleum products and because pellets are becoming a domestic product for which no large sums of foreign currency need to be allocated and also dependence on fossil fuels is decreasing.

Pellets are a high-quality and ecologically clean energy source.

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